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Arts Sans Frontieres

An international Danish-English-French art foundation

www.Artfoundation.org.uk is an Arts Sans Frontieres mirror site. It means "arts without borders" and its aims are to promote cross-cultural understanding through art, and to assist and promote promising artists of any nationality. We currently invite artists from all corners of the world to exhibit at our art house in the South of France as well as online, and to participate in our art courses and tours in the scenic Pyrenees. If you are an artist, or you can recommend one, you are welcome to email us for further details. We would also like to hear from those interested in sponsoring an artist!

Mingo & Gunders - Anette and Erik Gundersen's Art Site
Jytte Buhl's Artsite
Suzanne Wilson's Artsite
Mary Jose's Artsite
Roger Larsen's Artsite
Annika Skattum's website

Modern Danish art created in Southern France
Art moderne Danois crée autour du Grand Bleu
Moderne dansk kunst i Sydfrankrig.

Photos from recent exhibitions of oil paintings, acrylics and aquarelles: