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Explorers Academy program overview

Explorers Academy programs consist of a set of online courses and are directed to one of each of the following career choices: Travel Pro, Eco Expert and Entrepreneur. Each program is divided into basic and continuation courses, which insure relevance to specific career opportunities or interests.

A 3-week Adventure Travel Guiding course in the South of France gives you hands-on experience, you can either take the course as an introduction to adventure travel or a practicum supplement to the online courses. Please refer to the adventure page for details.

You can also take individual courses if you do not feel that you need the complete program, for example if you are currently employed in the travel and tourism industry and wish to update your knowledge or specialize in certain topics. More...

Travel Pro
With the Travel Pro program you can become a travel agent with a competitive edge, or work in travel agency management. The courses focus on growing global specialty travel and ecotourism sector.
Eco Expert
The Eco Expert program is for you if you want to specialize in ecotourism, the fastest growing tourism sector, as an extension of Travel Pro. Career opportunities exist with travel agents, tour operators and resorts.
The Entrepreneur program aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge to start you own competitive travel business, focusing on specialty travel and a serious presence on the Internet.

Diplomas are issued upon 80% satisfactory completion of exams for the course program or for individual courses.

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