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Practical information relating to the courses in the Pyrenees
Guidelines and Conditions (read before applying)

What are the minimum requirements?
The age limit is 18, and you need to have completed basic pre-university education. Work and travel experience is a great advantage, but not an absolute requirement. You need a good command of English - whether or not it is your main language. You must be computer literate, of course, and if you found us on the web, you are already within an acceptable level of computer literacy. We will screen every application, and you should wait for our acceptance before making any plans.

Do you accept any nationality?
Yes, of course! And you will find that a mix of different nationalities and cultures greatly enhances the value of the courses. Also, it makes a good opportunity for networking with future travel professionals internationally.

What equipment do I need for the online courses?
The courses are platform independent, meaning you can use any computer with Internet access and a web browser. You need a personal email address, and we can provide you with a free address if you do not have one. We have avoided specific software requirements in order to enable students to participate from a library or cyber-cafe on equal terms with those who have their own PC.

When do I need to apply?
In principle it is best to apply early. Online courses start the first Monday of every month, excluding July and August. You should allow a week or two for preparations and to order course materials (depending on which course). For the on-site adventure course please apply early to secure space.

Is Explorers Academy an accredited school?
We are not accredited, because our curriculum is unconventional and we do not wish to compromise teaching what we believe in. If you look at the credentials of the faculty and the uniqe program, you might find accreditation less important. However, it means that some of the public funding programs will not be available for our courses.

Do you offer a payment plan?
We are planning to introduce a payment plan, allowing you to pay, for example, a third down and the balance monthly while you study. However, it will add costs and it may be better to look for a sponsor and pay for the course up front. We expect to launch an "Earn As You Learn" plan later this year.

How do the online courses work - tell me in plain language please..
You will use a combination of web, email and an online forum. With a password you can access each lesson of each course on a secure website. Each 1-hour lesson concludes in exercises, which you must complete online or via email, before you have access to the next lesson. Your instructor will return the work to you with remarks, and your instructor will guide you and support you throughout the course. One advantage of online learning is flexibility; you can choose when it is convenient for you to study, as long as you complete the course within twice the amount of hours indicated. At the end of each course there is an exam, which must be taken in real time via the web. You need 80% for a certificate.

How much will the connect charges be?
Idelaly you should have fast access, sucgh as ADSL or cable. We know it can be expensive to stay online in some countries, and if you are paying for your connection by the minute, you can log on to the website, download the lesson and exercise, and do most of the work off-line (except exercises involving online research), thereby keeping connect costs to a minimum.

I am afraid of heights - do I have to take part in the climbing ?
The Adventure Challenge practicum gives you a chance to try several adventure activities first hand, and this is a great chance to stretch your limits, but you are free to opt out of any activity you do not feel good about. (And nobody will hold it against you, if you demonstrate good team spirit and, for example, volunteer to prepare a picnic lunch for the rest of the group ... :-)

Can I learn a foreign language? (Actual question: can i lurn inglish and frinsh?)
We do not do language courses, but if English is your second language, our courses present an excellent opportunity to improve and learn the terminology of the travel industry - and perhaps even pick up some of the industry jargon of other countries ...

Can you guarantee me a job after completed course?
Regretfully we cannot make any promises. We aim to provide an international job section on our website, and we will help with placement introductions and appropriate references. Our courses train you in some of the most vital subjects of the fastest growing travel sector, and considering most applicants for jobs in the industry have no such education, you will be ahead of the rest.

Will you help me start my own travel business?
Coaching is offered after completion of the Entrepreneur program, and you will have password access to a website specifically set up to provide resources for start-ups. We may also, in certain cases, be prepared to take an active interest in your new business.

If you have any questions, please let us know - questions of general interest will be posted here with our reply.

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