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Setting up business in Catalunya (South of France and Spain) -
when quality of life matters...
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With 300 days of sunshine per year and a laid back lifestyle, Catalunya may not be the first place you would consider as a business base. But a closer look reveals one of the most dynamic regions in the Western Mediterranean, with clear evidence of growth in many areas, huge public investment in infrastructure and access to EU development grants.

Business advantages include:
1. Access to the French, Spanish and Catalan markets, population over 100 million;
2. A growing, affluent expatriate market from Northern Europe;
3. Well educated workforce, universities in Perpignan, Girona, Barcelona;
4. Lower cost of business premises, transport, housing;
archi-bldg (9K) 5. Low cost international fights, small airports close to city centres (Perpignan and Girona) and quick access to motorway network and rail linking major cities, TGV (high speed rail) link currently under construction.
6. Regional and EU development grants and start-up tax relief (for applicable projects - aimed at job creation).
7. New communications facilities now make Catalunya ideal for IT business.

Of course there are drawbacks too: Relatively high labour costs, social contributions, bureaucracy, tax traps and for some: linguistic and cultural obstacles. These can be partly overcome trough partnering with local firms, outsourcing and generally careful planning prior to moving out or starting a business in this region. However, it is not for everyone, and it is not suited for every type of business.

Personal advantages include:
1. The best climate in Europe, predominantly sunny, healthy, all-year outdoor activities. 250-vlbfirst (11K) Spectacular scenery - mountains, forests, lakes, the Mediterranean, beaches, yachting, golf, Pyrenean skiing, adventure sports - all within our local area;
2. Lower property prices than in major cities, a good selection of properties for sale or rent;
3. Lower cost of living than in Northern Europe. Abundance of fresh produce all year, and three countries to choose from (France, Spain and tax free Andorra).
4. International community and schools in certain locations - or "away from it all", if you prefer, within short commuting distance of a city office. Hot-desking available.
5. Excellent health service.

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Where do you start and how can we help?
XTM Team is a cooperation between local firms and the not-for-profit association "Destination Pyrenees", which aims to help develop the economy of local villages in the region by promoting enviromentally and socially responsible initiatives. We would be pleased to assist you, whether you plan to move an existing business, or start a new.

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