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    Yachting in Greece is as much the best of an exotic and luxurious vacation as there is. The islands are beautiful and the waters a delight to sail or yacht whether you put to shore or just enjoy the magnificent setting and atmosphere of the Greek islands. Whether you are yachting on your own boat or you charter to allow local experts to guide you to the wonders of this delightful part of the world, you will discover a world that is such a delight to take your time and enjoy.

    The best time to plan for a yachting trip to Greece is between March and November of the year. This is the time of year when the temperature is virtually perfect for yachting. If you wait until mid May to start your vacation, that is when the sea is great for swimming and a lot of other water activities that are a great ways to pass the day. While it can get a bit warm in the summer months, the breezes along the coast keep you relaxed and comfortable if you dress for it.

    They say that the anticipation of a trip is as good as the vacation itself. So along with planning your wardrobe and what time of year you want to vacation in Greece, you should also think through what you will require onboard your yacht. This is a perfect charter situation because by bringing an experienced captain and crew from Greece onboard with you, they can guide you to the best of the country.

    The length of your stay, the size of your party and the amount of time you will actually be staying onboard will all affect the size of yacht you may wish to charter while in Greece. If you have chartered a yacht before and spent time on one, you have a good feel for not only how much comfort to prepare for but to what extent you want to be physically involved with the operation of the yacht during the time you are enjoying your vacation. If you want to do all of the work of operation the yacht, you can take a stab at a bareboat charter. But at the other end of the scale is a full crew charter where you will enjoy complete luxury and the only decision you might have to make is whether to nap on deck or in your luxury cabin.

    If you are going to be enjoying the area for a good amount of time, you might consider a flotilla where your yacht becomes part of a community of yachts all following the same leisurely path through a designated route. In this kind of situation you may have bareboat yachts, yachts with just skippers or full crew yachts and you can pool the common expertise so everybody enjoys their time in a community setting. This is also an excellent way to meet people from all over Europe and turn a single yacht vacation into a party.

    Be sure you allow plenty of time to really explore Greece. By working with a local charter company, they can guide you not only on the places you absolutely do not want to miss but on customs and festivals that are going on at the time of year you are there that will make your vacation especially memorable. One way to get the best of Greece is to schedule a few days before or after your yachting adventure to just take some time in Athens or one of the other wonderful local areas and really soak up a lot of Greek culture, not to mention some fabulous food. By doing that you will come home relaxed, tanned and with one of the best vacations you ever had behind you in the wonderful Greek islands.

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