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    One of the great joys of including yachting in your plans for holiday each year is you can charter a yacht on a new body of water each year and discover the many sights and adventures available to you around the world. And of the many exotic and exciting locations, there may be none better than the Mediterranean. There is such a tremendous history to this body of water that is bordered by Asia, Europe and Africa.

    You can find references to the ancient cities that line the Mediterranean in history books that go back before biblical times so the time you spend ashore on your yachting adventure will be absolutely fascinating. But along with the history and culture of the metropolises around the Mediterranean, there is a so much beauty in the woods, the mountains, the deserts, the beaches and the forests that you can explore with ease with the mobility your yacht will give you as the entire Mediterranean becomes your playground.

    One of the reasons that the Mediterranean is such an ideal setting for yachting is that the passageway to the Atlantic Ocean is narrow so the tides are relatively calm. That means that you get the gentle movement of the sea under your yacht that is ideal for sleeping but the tides are not rough which can be uncomfortable for some in your party. For planning purposes, the best yachting weather in the Mediterranean is early summer when the weather is warm and dry. Later in the summer it is more humid and hot but that is still a delightful yachting experience as anyone can dive into the Mediterranean for a cooling swim any time they get the whim to do so.

    Another advantage of going a little earlier in the summer to yacht about the Mediterranean is that the locations you can visit are some of the most popular resorts in the world and early in the summer the crowds are not so huge. The options for finding fun and excitement in the great vacation spots all around the Mediterranean are astounding and you no doubt will not hit them all on your first trip. But thatís ok, you can always go back again and again and each time have a new adventure in new places enjoying this paradise like yachting experience.

    One location that you could visit as easily as taking your yacht up to those magnificent beaches would be the French Riviera which many describe as by far the most exotic and exciting place of glamour in the entire Mediterranean. Two of the largest islands you can visit in the Mediterranean are Corsica and Sardinia and the diversity of breath taking shorelines and mountain locations to explore could keep you busy for your entire vacation. And by approaching these islands by sea from your yacht, you can have access to remote and primate scenes that will make you feel like you are discovering them for the first time. But whether you get to them right away or on a return yacht vacation, you will still have much of Italy, the southern tip of France, the Amalfi Coast or the many historic and inviting locations in Turkey.

    But your Mediterranean yacht vacation doesnít have to be go go go all the time. There may be no more idyllic scene that to simply drift under the warm Mediterranean sun just off the coast in the Atlantic waters and just let the tranquility of the environment calm you and refresh you as a vacation really should do. These moments of just putting your feet up and taking it the feast of sensations in this exotic location will make the Mediterranean one of your top yachting destinations for many years to come.

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